Covid-19 Update

  • Procedures for Facial treatments
    Firstly with the changes in Covid restrictions I just wanted to let you know that very little will change for me. The room will still be ventilated & I will offer hand sanitiser. The cleaning regime will also not change. I will continue to wear a face mask although I will not also wear a visor. As mask wearing is not a legal requirement I will leave it to clients to choose if they wear a face covering or not. Obviously some treatments mean that a face covering can’t be worn & some clients may also be exempt.
  • Should you have any concerns or queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.I  have implemented  continuous development of procedures which has enabled me to feel confident about  opening for facial treatments. I am, as ever, open to any suggestions or answering any concerns you may have.
    Fortunately my industry is used to high levels of hygiene control, however, at this time additional procedures will need to be in place.
    I  take my temperature at the start of each working day and should it be high I will cancel all clients. If I have any concerns that I may have been in contact with anyone with symptoms I will also cancel all clients.
    The salon room is kept clear of anything that isn’t essential for carrying out treatments. All tools are disinfected using Barbicide a hospital grade disinfectant. I have undertaken the Barbicide Covid examination and the certificate for that can be seen on my website.
    My overall is clean daily, the salon touch services are wiped down after every client. Towels and couch covers and any other materials used are washed at the recommended 60 after each client. I am trying to minimise the use of disposable plastic while maintaining very high levels of hygiene and to ensure any treatment given is still a relaxing experience.There is not be any waiting area for clients, there is a chair outside the front door for those who walk or cycle, for those that drive you can choose to wait in your car or outside.
    Wherever possible I will ventilate the room during treatment while also ensuring privacy. I have been airing the room thoroughly between clients. I have a diffuser in which I put Tea Tree oil. Tea Tree has strong antimicrobial properties.
    I have a variety of disinfectants for different surfaces, and these are at hand ready for regular use.

    What I will ask of Clients
    Please cancel if you or anyone you have been in touch with has any symptoms or suspicion they may have been in contact with the virus. There will be no charges for last minute cancellations, the most important thing is that we look out for each other.

  • Please come alone and bring as little baggage as possible.
  • On arrival you will be offered hand sanitiser, wipes or the opportunity to wash your hands.
  • Please be on time, I will allow space between clients for disinfecting but obviously it will not be possible to run late.
  • Payment is by BACS, cheque or cash.My working days will be Monday – Friday 8am-6pm. This is under constant review but I am trying to ensure everyone who wants one does get an appointment as soon as I can.
    I hope this will allay any concerns you have. I hope to see you soon.