Hands & Feet

Eyebrow shape £ 7.00
Eyebrow tint £ 7.50
Eyelash tint £10.00
Eyelash & brow tint £16.00
* A test patch is required 24hrs prior to treatment.

Hand and foot care; luxury spa treatments using the “Get Fresh” range of products
and Mavala nail care.
Shape and paint £13.00

Relief for Tattered Tootsies
A quick (25 minutes) treatment to give your feet a little TLC. £19.00
With polish £24.00

Spa Pedicure
A luxurious lemongrass pedicure  using thermal booties for deeper product penetration and
improving circulation £26.00

Spa Manicure
A customised spa manicure with heated  mittens to increase product effectiveness £19.00
With polish £24.00

Spa Manicure & Pedicure
A luxury hand and foot treatment £41.00
With polish £46.00

Make-Up Lesson
The latest techniques to get the most from your make-up. £40.00