Waxing is the removal of hair, from virtually any part of the body, by the root . This means that the hair takes between 4-6 weeks to regrow . Over time those areas that are repeatedly waxed have weaker hair regrowth.
I use two different types of wax to enable me to treat most types of hair in virtually any area.
For sensitive skin or stronger hair growth I use Lycon hot (stripless) wax and for larger areas – for example the legs or arms– I use Australian Bodycare Hy Wax Tea tree cream wax.

Bikini line waxing

  • Standard Bikini is to the panty line
  • high bikini wax is a strip inside the panty line
  • Hollywood and Brazilian waxing are most or all of the bikini area.

Price list

All treatments includes aftercare advice.

  • Full leg and bikini line     £29.00
  • 3/4 leg                             £25.00
  • 1/2 leg (to include knee) £18.00
  • Bikini line                         £ 9.00
  • High Bikini line                £14.00
  • Brazilian & Hollywood    £18.00
  • Under arm                       £ 9.00
  • Arm                                £13.00
  • Lip                                   £ 6.00
  • Lip and chin                   £10.00
  • Abdomen                        £ 5.50
  • Top leg and bikini           £22.00
  • Back                               £22.00
  • Top leg & Hollywood      £26.00

Prior to treatment

In order to get the best from your treatment please
Do not apply, creams, deodorants, self tans to the area to be treated
Avoid any sunbathing or treatments that would heat the skin – including saunas, sunbeds
exfoliating regularly will reduce the chance of any ingrowing hairs but avoid exfoliating 24hrs before treatment.

It is recommended that hairs should be 0.5-1 cm in length, however clients who have been waxing for a long period of time find that their hairs are much weaker and can be of a shorter length, first time waxers may need the hairs to be a little longer. Lycon wax can also remove hairs at a very short length.Please feel free to chat to me about this if you are unsure.
The same recommendations are made for post treatment care as for pre for 24hrs after treatment. It is also recommended to wear loose
clothing immediately after treatment.

The only proven method of permanent hair removal using sterile needles and adhering to a strict hygiene regime. I use the Sterex blend
system which offers a choice of methods of electrolysis, enabling the treatment to be tailored for each client’s needs.

Consultation and trial Free
5 minutes   £10.00
10 minutes £15.00
15 minutes £19.50
30 minutes £24.00
1 hour        £37.00

Red vein & Milia treatment
(incl. electrolysis) £11.00